Welcome! You can call me Vanya

born Bulgarian, currently located in Vienna, Austria, I consider myself a citizen of the world. Traveling is what enriches my life and expands the microcosms I live in. I am here to share my stories with you. Would you like to see them?

My problem has always been that I am interested in many things at once and could not find a single path to walk on. Years passed as I went through different professions and hobbies, thus collected unique knowledge and experience. Presently, I've decided the world is ready for my stories, so I want to share all that I have collected so far on this website.

My goal is to show you a new way of sustainable traveling. I believe that after every travel we do, we go back home with a new piece of the world inside us. This is what I call sustainable traveling - when going places makes us evolve.

But let us go even further, because to go back home with a new piece of a world inside you, does not mean you have to travel to far and exotic destinations - sometimes an exhibition, a concert or even the local natural park can give you a lot. All that is needed is to have the mindset. I have not always had it, I gained it through the years by changing the environment around me. First, I would say, is that you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. The other two things, that are of the same importance: to have a clear mind and always ask questions. Sometimes even the "silliest" questions are the most interesting and could give you an exciting piece of information.  

To wonder is a way of life.
To ask questions is the path to exploration.
To focus on details is to be mindful.

Now, let's get back to reality. Not every subject can kindle a spark in me. I am just not interested in everything, but in many things. There are also times when my brain refuses to accept new knowledge. This is when I come back and reflect, ask more questions and deep dive into different subjects. Paper is what helps me explore our world deeper. Here I will share my studies through sketches and paintings, short fictional stories, collected from real adventures, travel stories, and research.

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